Jade Woman Qigong - Spring Qigong Series :)

Jade Woman Qigong - Spring Qigong Series :)

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Jade Woman Qigong

This is a deeply feminine form of qigong. A woman's physiology and emotions differ in many ways from a man's. Women have more blood and, as the stewards of deep yin creative energy, are profoundly affected by the cycles of the moon. A woman's health and vitality are sensitive and can be compromised by any number of stresses. 

Jade Woman Qigong helps to increase the blood, nourish and sooth the liver, and heal both physical diseases and emotional imbalances. It is a beautiful, feminine form that is proven effective in reducing weight, soothing liver imbalances, and treating problems related to digestion, gynecology and menopause. It has been used countless times by women ready to improve their digestion, impact fertility, regulate their menses, and even help to control blood sugar levels. It can be a profound addition to your self care practices, having incredible physical, emotional and spiritual impacts. I hope you will join me.

I look forward to sharing in this amazing practice with you!

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This Spring Qigong Series will take place at Elixir : A Wellness Collective, in Bend, Oregon, on Fridays, from March 15th to April 26th, from 12:45 - 2pm, each day.

The cost of the weekend workshop is 179$, down from 199$ :) on sale now!

Please bring a water bottle, a comfortable meditation cushon or chair, with a blanket &/or mat for lying down meditation, as well as a notebook and pen, for the lecture portion of class. As always, wear loose comfortable clothing, socks, and bring layers for warmth.