2019 Fall Healing Qigong Series - All 3 Sessions - Dao Yin, Tu Na, Chan and Nei Dan

2019 Fall Healing Qigong Series - All 3 Sessions - Dao Yin, Tu Na, Chan and Nei Dan

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The Fall Qigong Series will be an Introduction to the power of self healing through qigong practice.

This series will be broken into 3 sessions of 3 classes each (9 classes in all).

Meeting at Elixir: A Wellness Collective, 4:30-5:30pm on Fridays.

The first session will be held August 30th, and September 6th&13th.

We will focus on the Dao Yin aspects of qigong. These are standing movements that help to generate subtle awareness of qi movement throughout the body, including superficial movements all the way into deeper movements involving the organ systems. This aspect of qigong helps to balance the fundamental energies of yin and yang in the body, as well as calming the nervous system and balancing the emotions. The foundational standing movements of qigong are what many forms are based in, including the most famous form of qigong, Tai Chi.

The second session will be held October 4th, 11th &18th.

We will deepen into the Dao Yin aspects of qigong, as well as introduce the deeper elements of Tu Na (breath work) and Chan (emptiness) qigong meditations. This class will become a combination of sitting and standing movements, where we can explore deeper layers of subtle energy awareness, as well as learning to harmonize with what is truly present and arising. We will begin to train the "1000 monkey mind" to find one attention for focus. This section of the series will bring us closer into community, as we atune to sharing in presence, while allowing subtle competence to emerge.

The third session will be held November 8th, 15th, and 22nd.

We will turn to the floor, focusing our attention fully inward towards a deeper journey of self healing. In this section, we finally include the Nei Dan (internal alchemy) aspects of qigong practice, with some time spent in lying down meditation. This aspect of qigong is often described as akin to Yoga Nidra, in that the body is still, while the mind moves slowly and gently, with one internal focus, through the body. It often involves using the Hun or “imagination” to develop our internal awareness or knowing, the“inner screen,” so that we might visualize and guide qi through all the layers of the body, for optimal health and longevity, through the subtle awareness of our dynamic internal world.

If you have never taken a qigong class before, this will be an amazing introduction to the practice. And, if you are a seasoned practitioner of any style of movement arts or meditation, this will be a wonderful addition to your practice, that can inform and guide whatever your practice is into a deeper expression and harmony with the flow of natural qi in the universe. As well, this series will be a generous self healing journey, deepening with each section, and building on the competencies that we develop as we go along.

I am looking forward to this practice over the fall! And I can't wait for You to join me!!!

Cost: These classes can be taken in sections, as drop-in classes or ideally, as a whole series.

drop in classes are 15$ ea (paid in person only please), A section of 3 classes is 40$ per section, and The whole class series of all 9 classes over all 3 sessions is 89$!!! That is less than 10$/class, and an overall savings of 46$.

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Please bring a comfortable meditation cushon or chair, with a blanket &/or mat for lying down meditation, as well as a notebook and pen, for the Theory portion of class. As always, wear loose comfortable clothing, and bring layers for warmth, as well as socks.

I look forward to sharing in this deepening awareness and amazing self-healing journey with all of you!!!