Thank you to those who passed their hard-won teachings on to me!

Kellie in blk dress close up.jpg

Kellie Chambers

L.Ac., MAOM, Dipl.Ac.

I would like to extend my deepest heart-felt gratitude to my many teachers along the way.  Thank You for including me in what you are passing on.  It is a great blessing!

Some of Kellie's Teachers -

1. Nature -  my first and ever present teacher and helper.  Always available and connected.  A great gift giver and friend.

2. Movement - Be it dance, gymnastics, yoga, hiking, climbing, sailing, aikido or Qigong, movement has been an incredible ally along the way.  Either playful or serious, fun or intense, a wonderful teacher!

3.  Sensei Shannon Reitan - 5th Dan Aikido Instructor.  My first exposure to meditation as a practice and deep reflective cultivation.  Also, I have to mention James ps and Mike p here as top students in the dojo, as my Sempai, they had a huge impact on my practice and in my life.

4.  Kam Lau Nightchase - Visionary and Intercessor for many Ceremonies along my path on the Good Red Road.  My first exposure and engagement with genuine Prayer.  And Just a Great Example of a Beautiful Human Being!  I also had many amazing helpers along this path, to mention a few, The Clans - Deer, Cougar, Buffalo, and Beaver, my sponsor Chub, the songs, the drum, and the hollow bone.

5.  Dr. Liu Dong and Master Liu He - Lineage Holders of the Ling Gui International Healing School of QiGong.  Deepening into movement, meditation and self-healing, as well as the principles of Taoism and Chinese Medicine practices.  And another Sempai in the practice, Polly m.  I love you.

6.  Thomas Hübl - Spiritual Practice Facilitator and Guide, currently helping with deepening into Trauma and Karma resolution, humility, and moving from where you are through consciousness cultivation and sharing in presence.  Thomas Hübl is a modern mystic, spiritual teacher, author and systems-thinker. His work integrates the essence of the great wisdom traditions, scientific knowledge and his own personal experience.  I have to also mention Ryan McGladrey, the most amazing, humble, softly kind, compassionate, tolerant, gifted healer and practitioner.  You are a great inspiration and gift to my life.

Huge Thanks and Deep Gratitude to all of you!!!

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