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Our mission at MoonTree Medicine...

As I see it...

We work with being, but not-being is what we use.
— Lao Tzu via Stephen Mitchell



To help empower people with the ancient tools and practices for self-healing and regeneration. 

To Cultivate a vision of reliable "Medicine for the People," wherein the people finally believe, once again, that they themselves are their own best doctors and healers.

To Share the practices that I have been given by the teachers who came before me and stand in a lineage of life for life's sake, continuing to pass on the little bits of wisdom that I have gleaned in my own practice and through much help from my teachers and healers.

To participate in the great network of life that supports wellness, connection, awareness, presence, integration, balance, allowing, flow, and gratitude.

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Practice not-doing, and everything will fall into place.
— Lao Tzu via Stephen Mitchell
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Feel your body, Calm your mind.

"Yang, 'bright, open, vital, clear', is south, the sunny side of things, summer.  It is the dragon, solitary and migratory birds, and the power of the male, brilliant, strong, positive, hot, active, light, assertive.  It is what is exterior and means to inspire, motivate and drive on the ritual...  It is what is above, ascending and all things that rise, as well as the fertilizing rains.

Using Change to accord with time, either great or small, and stay in contact with the Way allows you to accumulate de, the power to realise yourself, to become who you are meant to be, thus fulfilling your innate calling.  This power and virtue have a profound yet indirect effect on everything around you!"

from The Total I Ching, Myths for Change                      ~ Stephen Karcher

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