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The story of MoonTree Medicine...

As I see it...

Stand and be moved by what is
— Redwood Forrest


The Moon Tree -

"The Way unfolds through the Two Powers, as described in the famous passage from the Great Treatise:  The Way gives birth to the One;, the One gives birth to the Two; The Two gives birth to the Three; the Three (the interaction between the One and the Two) gives birth to the Myriad Beings (the 10,000 things).

The earliest images of the Two are the Sun Tree and the Moon Tree, interconnected by the underworld Ghost River.  They articulate the year into the seasons, open and closed, summer and winter, marked by  a series of transformations.  The Two Powers are further seen in the dark waters and the bright sky; in the division of the sexes and their ritualized meetings; and in the Protectors, the great couple who image the union of Heaven and Earth in every village.  In the later evolution of philosophical thought, these became the well-known pair, Yin and Yang, or the Tai Ji symbol.

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The Way of Water has been a way of the heart, the xin... straightening and correcting the passions and emptying the inner space.
— Stephen Karcher
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Ancient Chinese Theory...

Yin, 'shade, secret, cloudy sky', is north, the shady side of things, winter and the power of the female.  It is obscure, dark, cold, negative, passive; it signifies shadow and the world of shadows, the dead, the underworld river, the Mourning Hut, cold and ice.  It is also the season of marriages and armies..., relations between men and women, sacrifices to the Earth Goddess and the gods of soil and cereals and the Earth Altar.  It is what is interior and means to cover, protect, calm, stabilize and secure, support.  It is what is below, descending, and all things that flow down to the center."

Taken from "Total I Ching, Myths for Change" ~ Stephen Karcher

Start close in, don’t take the second step or the third, start with the first thing close in, the step you don’t want to take.
— David Whyte

This is the passage that I read about 3 days after dreaming of the MoonTree and knowing that this was to be my business.   For me it represents a calling to help people find healing and health for and through the Yin aspects of themselves and their experiences.  I feel honored and lucky to have had the abundance of training and support to meet this in the best way I know.

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